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H O N  500 Series Lateral Files
Our 500 and 400 Series lateral files inspire great devotion in offices where they’re an essential part of the daily work routine. Since you have to file anyway, why not use a file that makes it as easy as possible? Available in drawer heights suitable for any office, they’re a high-performance file system and a smart buy, all in one.
600 Series Lateral Files
It’s no wonder the 600 Series is one of the top-selling lateral files in America. It offers great quality at an exceptional value – and a lot of people have figured that out. It handles all the filing you have, yet doesn’t take up much floor space. It stands up to heavy use, looks sharp and won’t break the bank. Have you figured out where you’ll put yours yet?
Flagship Pedestals Files
Sure, you have a place to store electronic files on your computer, but do you have room for all your paperwork? The fact is, we’re not a paperless world. Your office generates paper and you need a reliably efficient means of organizing and storing it. Our durable pedestals provide a place to get organized and store important files and supplies – keeping all the things you need and use every day close at hand.
510 Series Vertical Files
Think “up”, not “out” when you need to store a lot of files and paperwork. Vertical files provide the most efficient approach to maximum storage capacity with a minimal footprint. Archive all your files, and still have plenty of floor space in the office.
D A T U M  Mobile Track 
  MobileTrak3® has an enclosed drive mechanism that is hidden behind Datum's new, space efficient, thin profile end panels. The mechanism helps create a cleaner look to the front of the system. Additionally, the end panel features an externally adjustable chain tensioner that eliminates the need to remove the end panels to adjust the chain mechanism. This means once the end panels are on, there's no need to ever take them off. 
  Datum TrakSlider™ Systems can more than double storage capacity by converting stationary files into movable systems that require just a fraction of the original floor space. Datum's unique design eliminates fixed aisles between shelves that reduce retrieval time while increasing user efficiency. Just a simple push of the hand effortlessly moves files to the side to access information stored in the rear. 

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We specialise in making the most of what you have and are able to work with and re-use your existing furniture, as well as being able to source for you any new furniture as required. We are able to take a project from design through to completion.

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