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Initiate Cubicle Systems Cubicles, workstations, modular panel and freestanding systems come in all different sizes and shapes. Today, the trend is for smaller and more open setups,The Office by EMR can help best design the size and shape of cubicles and workstations to fit your office and building footprint while at the same time focusing on the comfort and productivity of your employees in relation to the functionality and design of the cubicle and workstation.
Additionally, the panel systems and cubicles we offer do not go out of style and lend themselves quite nicely to cost effective and easy reconfigurations as time progresses and your systems furniture and office furniture needs and requirements change.

The HON Abound system offers frame and tile configurations from 35" high to ceiling height and everything in between. Allows for adding or deleting frame heights.

If your looking for a system that defines “easy”, this is it. Initiate is easy to afford, easy to specify, easy to install, and easy to reconfigure. Moves, adds and changes are a snap with the unique I-connector. This is a real-world value
Voi desking from The HON Company not only offers desks and storage solutions for every application—private offices, semi-private offices, open plan, benching, and more—it also presents an integrated design for the entire workplace. 

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We specialise in making the most of what you have and are able to work with and re-use your existing furniture, as well as being able to source for you any new furniture as required. We are able to take a project from design through to completion.

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